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Founded in 1950 in New York City by a young president named Ray Hickok, YPO today unites more than 21,000 members in more than 125 countries around a shared mission: Better Leaders Through Education and Idea Exchange. Today this community includes members of YPO’s graduate organization, WPO, and is the world’s premier network of chief executives.

The award-winning Los Angeles Chapter of YPO was the third chapter established worldwide and the first in the Los Angeles area. Averaging one-hundred members strong, YPOLA is the largest chapter in Los Angeles and has the greatest diversity of business leaders. Members include CEO entrepreneurs, hired guns, and family-run business leaders representing companies across a wide variety of industries.

YPOLA is made up of a diverse range of leaders who operate businesses of all types and sizes. YPOLA alumni are far too many to mention and many of the greatest contributors to our chapter are business leaders you may not have heard of, as well as those with emerging technologies (3D Digitization, augmented reality, etc.) whose names are not recognizable yet.

Our Chapter

Our Role in YPO International

YPOLA strives to be a role model chapter for all of YPO International. YPOLA has consistently delivered the best education program among YPO chapters in over 100 countries. YPOLA won the Best-of-the-Best Overall Program Award in 2004, 2007 and 2008 amongst all chapters, and won the Best Overall YPO Chapter in 2012, Best Joint YPO-WPO Event in 2011, and Best Large Chapter Award in 2006. YPOLA has had four consecutive members serve on the YPO International Board in addition to several members in senior Committee roles on both the International Board and the Pacific Region Board.

Our Membership

The diversity of members in YPOLA is a hallmark of the chapter. The chapter continually strives to ensure its membership represents the business and cultural diversity of the greater Los Angeles area. The result is an extremely rewarding chapter with high membership standards and a constant variety of perspectives. Together our members employ over 57,000 people in Southern California and 220,000 worldwide.

"YPO is wildly different and more comprehensive than any other “professional networking organization” that I’ve ever experienced. It provides you with a forum (like a personal Board of Directors) that, in total confidence, is available to help you through the toughest decisions you encounter, whether they are business related or personal in nature. On top of that, YPO has given me access to world class resources that I would never encounter in the course of my business. I’ve had countless “only in YPO” experiences that trump those of any other organizations of which I’ve been a member."   — Elizabeth Alexander, Nick Alexander Imports

"YPOLA has been an amazing experience from day one. Connecting and sharing experience and advice with talented presidents and CEOs from diverse industries, who are in many cases also great friends, has been invaluable personally and professionally."   — Jared Wolff, Quarter Group